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   Hypnosis & Life Coaching
Hypnosis and Life Coaching

In Kim’s unique sessions, coaching and hypnosis work together -- helping people to overcome unhealthy habits, cope with challenges, reduce stress, manifest their dreams, and find deeper meaning and purpose in their lives.

As a Life Coach, Kim creates a customized “toolbox” of transformational goodies for each client -- empowering them to move past feeling stuck to creating what they want.

As a Clinical Hypnotist, Kim is trained to help people in all sorts of situations. Among her specialties:

Reducing Fears (including Public Speaking, Flying, Test taking, Doctor or Dentist visits, etc.)
Overcoming Insomnia
Stop Smoking
Clearing Clutter
Weight Management
Preparation for and Recovery from Surgery

Note: There are many myths and misperceptions about hypnosis. Hypnosis is not about losing control; hypnosis is about gaining control of areas of your life that are not what you want them to be.


Night after night, sleep eluded me. Worse than the exhaustion were the panic attacks.... Then I did a hypnosis session with Kim. Ahhh... the relief, the bliss of total relaxation! Best of all, I was able to remember and repeat the steps on my own, calming my mind and body, lulling myself to sleep at night. I’m now healthy -- and very grateful for Kim’s skill and compassion.
My session with her was an integral part of my recovery!
Thank you Kim!
Melody L.

I came with a goal, and in two sessions I could see a big difference. I am simply amazed that something so relaxing and so simple could have such an impact on lifelong habits that I wanted to change. She gave me a tool kit that I work with every day, but something subtle and underlying has changed the way I do things. I feel much more rewarded, calm and content. Thank you Kim!
Linda P.

Kim has helped me so much. Communicating with confidence is so much easier now. I love going to my sessions with Kim. She is wonderful at what she does plus she has so many ideas and thoughts that have helped me so I can work on my own. She makes it a fun and interesting process that inspires me so much. I always leave feeling like now I have something new to explore. This journey is fun and I feel so happy and lighthearted.
Kim is a sparkling gem among us.
Heidi S.

I loved working with Kim. She is both compassionate, and no-nonsense, and her work is incredibly helpful. I’m healing some important issues because of my hypnosis work with her. And one of the best things about working with Kim is you leave the appointments with so much more than you expect: the CD you get of the session reinforces the work you do in her office, and the "toolbox" is a brilliant idea. Now, when I'm facing a difficult situation or a difficult person, I have a menu to choose from: practical steps that make a huge difference. Thank you, Kim!
Thomas B.

Fee for service:

90 minute session:
(First sessions are 90 minutes)
60 minute session: $ 75
Session package:
(Includes four 60 minute sessions)

Please call 407-648-0278 to make an appointment before paying online.


Clinical Hypnotist
Life Coach
Certified Laughter Leader
Interfaith Minister
Yoga Instructor

Contact Info:

Office location:
Healing Alternatives
683 Douglas Avenue, #101
Altamonte Springs,
FL 32714

Kim is a member of:

The National Guild of Hypnotists

The Association for Applied & Therapeutic Humor