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Does truly enjoying your life keep getting postponed over and over again?

Perhaps challenges and stressors demand most of your enjoyment, attention, and you tell yourself that you’ll get around to what you really want someday… but, that yearned for someday never seems to arrive.

Here are 3 ways Kim can help you to enjoy your life more right now:

Discover What True Joy is for You
In the hustle and bustle of the everyday, you can forget what true joy feels like for you.  Social media, advertisers, and societal beliefs may try to tell you what joy “should” look like — but, does any of that really resonate with you?  Kim’s free play sheet leads you on a journey to discover your true joy with 10 powerful questions.  The 10 Questions on this PDF download help you to remember what joy looks like and feels like for you, so you can enjoy your life more now!

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Bring Stress Relief and Laughter to Your Organization or Event
Kim’s entertaining talks and workshops give simple strategies for lowering stress and avoiding burnout. Her audiences laugh (a lot!) while learning practical take-aways to enhance well being.  To find out if Kim might be a good fit for your organization or upcoming event, you can visit her Speaker Page to see her in action and get a pdf download of her topics.

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Choose Your Favorite Way for Kim to Help You
Gain powerful insights and strategies through Kim’s weekly e-newsletter, her social media messages, or her programs in the Joyful Being Academy

Not sure where to start?

The recommended first step is the free play sheet with 10 Questions to help you to find your true joy. When you receive the play sheet, you will also receive Kim’s weekly e-newsletter.  It’s filled with fun and insightful messages that you will look forward to reading! 

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Message from Kim:  

I understand what it’s like to get so wrapped up in the daily grind that you forget enjoying yourself is even an option.

I also know how it feels to experience true joy!  My mission is to help people just like you to find more enjoyment in this gift of life — sooner rather than later!

It would be my honor to help you to enjoy your life more now, instead of waiting around for some perfect future that keeps drifting further and further away from you.

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To Finding Your True Joyful Being®,
Kim McIntyre  

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