Blissful Meditation

5 weeks for the freedom to truly LOVE meditating!

Do one or more of these meditation problems sound familiar to you?

  • Not being able to quiet your mind
  • Not being able to stick with it
  • Not being able to easily relax and go deep

Or, you might not know…

  • If you’re doing it right
  • Which meditation styles are best for you
  • How to enjoy it more

I understand! I’ve been there!

That’s why I created Blissful Meditation Made Easier — it solves all those issues, and gives you everything you need to create a consistent meditation practice that you look forward to and enjoy.

Meditation is not “one size fits all”. What makes one person feel blissful, can make someone else feel annoyed. That’s why this course is like a yummy meditation buffet! You get to experiment with some new ideas & techniques and see what works best for you.

If you’re new to meditation, this course can save you years of frustration.

If you’re an experienced meditator, you’ll enjoy discovering new ways to experience deep & yummy meditations regularly.

This course is for you if…

  • You want to feel more calm and centered (no matter what’s going on in the world)
  • You want to be a more consistent meditator
  • You want to savor the gift of the present moment more
  • You want to feel more aligned with your true self
  • You’d like meditation to feel more blissful

Here’s what to expect…

The course will be live on Zoom for 5 consecutive Wednesdays at 6pm EDT, starting August 26th. 

The replay will be available the next day for those unable to attend the live class on Zoom.

Bonus:  There will be a bonus follow-up class 3 weeks after the program ends.  This is an opportunity to share experiences, ask questions, and soak up the wonderful group energy one more time.

When you join us for this amazingly valuable course, you can get it now for only $97.

Valued at $197   

Now only $97!

Here’s where you say “Yes” to yourself with a gift that will serve you for the rest of your life.


Here’s what these Blissful Meditators had to say about the course…

Well done Kim!  I found it extremely valuable. 
It’s beautiful to feel that in just a few weeks I could go from having a complicated relationship with meditation, to really feeling an ownership and an identity as a Meditator. While I got multiple things out of every single class, there was always a special precious nugget in every class that was extra valuable for me.

With Kim’s guidance I feel much more trusting to try meditation that’s not pre-recorded, where I’m just present and holding the space.  I have a much higher level of confidence about that now. I was impressed that there was something valuable for everyone in the class, whether they were a beginner or a veteran meditator.  We entered the class with different skill levels, yet everyone gained new insights and practices that made a huge difference to them. Without a doubt I will recommend this course to others, because I truly believe in it!

Meditation’s not a burden anymore! 
I had issues with making meditation a regular practice.  Also, I really didn’t know if my uneducated way of meditating was right or wrong.  This course gave me a better understanding of what a real practice looks like and it gave me confidence to achieve my goal of trying to reduce my daily anxiety.

I learned so many new ways to prepare to meditate and to actually meditate into a deeper state of mind.  I also loved the zoom calls and the feeling of being in a community of like-minded folks like myself. Kim really does care about you as an individual. She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of meditation and knows how to present it in a way that can be informative, exciting and fun.  She has taken her many years of experience and wrapped it up in a nice package to share with us.

I am so grateful for Kim and this course! 
She really gave me back that deeper connection to who I am, with helping me cultivate my own abilities to meditate on a deeper level. Prior to taking Kim’s Blissful Meditation course, I had trouble committing to the practice each day.  Meditation in the morning was difficult with my mental to do list knocking on the door!  In having the tools to combat the chatter, as well as awareness of my own restrictions on where meditation feels best to me, I was finally able to play around with it.  That was the key.  I was able to play with it, so I didn’t have that self-imposed pressure on me to be successful with it.
As a teacher, Kim is not only organized and keeps to her word on time, but is also a wonderful support and mentor.  She really helped me work through some challenges and brought clarification to a concern that I had. She is an excellent communicator and really holds together her plan for the class, in a way that’s fresh and engaging.  Definitely a 5 star review!

Mary Schaperow Photo

It was super enjoyable! 
I found this course to be beneficial in so many ways! It helped to remind me how important my meditation practice is to my well-being! 

We were taught ways to calm our minds during meditation so that our brains didn’t stray. We were also taught many different kinds of ways that we could meditate. We learned about doing warm-up exercises before meditating, to help relax ourselves before going into meditation. I had never even thought about the advantages of doing anything like that before! Since I’ve been doing these warmups and focuses, my meditation practice has gotten so much easier and so much more enjoyable.  To add a cliche, it was time and money well spent!  Thank you Kim!

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Kim McIntyre
Kim McIntyre, Course Creator and Facilitator

About Your Teacher:

Kim calls upon her 33 years of meditation experience to create a one-of-a-kind program filled with helpful tricks for both novice and experienced meditators. For many years she was an “on again, off again” meditator, which she knew was better than not meditating at all! Once she committed to meditating consistently, she discovered that it was a doorway to being her true authentic self. She is eager to share her secrets with you during this program!