Are You Longing to Connect with Your Playful Self Again?

Do you postpone having fun, but it never seems to happen?

Do you feel guilty having fun when your to-do list is so long?

Are you feeling drained and overloaded from chronic people pleasing?

I understand…

I know what it’s like to let fun fall off your radar and to forget how to enjoy your life.  That’s why I created the “Give Yourself Some Fun!” program — to help you light up your life with more fun!

Kim’s “Give Yourself Some Fun!” program is absolutely fabulous! It’s filled with great ideas and inspiration about making fun a priority in our lives, even if we only have 5 minutes!  I’ve started “planning” more fun into my schedule, so that it doesn’t get kicked to the curb.  Kim is a breath of fresh air and a beacon of light! Thank you, Kim, for shining your light and sharing your joy with us all!    
Kathi Walsh

During this program you will…

  • Rediscover what you love and enjoy
  • Learn ways to have fun in 5 minutes or less
  • Create your best way to keep the fun alive

Only $47 

You can watch the first 2 program videos for free! (Please see below)

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I enjoyed Kim’s “Give Yourself Some Fun!” program because it made me actually stop and think about how bringing fun into your life can change your perspective on so many other things.  Also, who knew there are so many different ways to have fun.  It’s different for everyone!  Kim’s positive energy flows throughout!  
Joann McGilvray


Check out the first two program videos here:

Don’t postpone fun any longer! 
To continue watching the program videos, here’s the link to purchase:

Kim McIntyre

Your guide for this program is Kim McIntyre.  As a speaker and teacher, she has been bringing fun & laughter to groups of people since 2001.  Her mission is helping people to live with less stress and more joy. She is Certified as a Transformational Coach, Stress Relief Specialist and Laughter Leader. (Yes, there really is such a thing as a Certified Laughter Leader!)