Laugh More Every Day

Go from Crappy to Happy in Seconds!

You know you love to laugh, right?

And yet, sometimes a good laugh feels like a million miles away.  It might not even occur to you to laugh when you’re feeling worried, or exhausted, or frustrated — however, that’s when a burst of laughter can lift your mood in an instant!

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This program teaches you how to fill yourself up regularly with the powerful joy of laughter whenever you need it.

Plus, it opens you up to experience more and more of the life enhancing benefits of laughter.  

A good laugh can:

  • Release tension and stress
  • Lift your spirits when you’re feel down
  • Bring relief from pain
  • Distract you from negativity
  • Energize you when you’re tired

I’ve seen it work wonders time and time again — both for myself and for others!  In an instant laughter spreads like a happiness contagion — every single time I’ve taught this course!

Why I started teaching laughter workshops:

I discovered the power of laughter during one of the most challenging times of my life.  Learning how to laugh more felt like a miracle that lifted me up and made me feel alive again.

It was so powerfully transforming for me, that in 2001 I began sharing what I’d learned with others.  Since then, I’ve taught thousands of people how to find the freedom to laugh out loud with gusto!  

Year after year I’ve seen how laughter lights people up with joy and eases their discomfort during tough times.

Here are some examples:

A woman who was in the middle of chemotherapy treatments was brought to one of my workshops in a wheel chair.  She was slouched over — clearly depressed and in pain.  After all the laughing, her eyes were shining with joy and she expressed such gratitude for life.

A woman who experienced my laughter workshop at a caregivers conference, went home and taught what she’d learned to her father who had Parkinson’s disease.  He used the techniques to ease his frustration at not being able to do things the way he used to.

If you’re ready to discovery your own laughter break throughs, here’s where to click:

In this program you will learn how to:

  • Find your laugh when you desperately need it
  • Laugh frustrations away
  • Sprinkle your days with more laughter
  • Seed your mind with the reminder to laugh
  • Keep the laughter flowing long after you complete this course

This program is perfect for you if…

  • You can’t remember the last time you had a big ol’ belly laugh that made your stomach & face happily ache
  • You’ve forgotten how to lighten up about the small stuff
  • You could use an easy way to calm your nerves
  • You’d love a fun way to shed stress fast
  • You know you need to laugh more, and it’s time

This program is NOT for you if…

  • You have an abdominal injury or have had recent abdominal surgery.  (Laughter really works the abs!)
  • You get headaches when you laugh really hard.  (Laughter often relieves headaches, but if it triggers them for you, it’s best to consult with a physician.)
  • You want to maintain a foul mood. (Laughter causes an unavoidable drop in irritability!)

If it sounds like it’s a good fit for you, here’s where to get started:

I’ve turned my popular live laughter program into a go-at-your-own-pace video series that you can return to over and over again, whenever you need to give yourself a laughter boost!

The value of having laughter in your life = priceless!

Your investment in this program = only $47.00 for a lifetime of laughter. 

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This teacher is so amazing. I loved her class on laughter! It works! I used her laughter tips when healing from surgery. How amazing and empowering this class will be for anyone that needs relief from stress. I cannot think of one person that would not want to have something that could relieve stress in this insane world today. God bless Kim for giving us this gift of laughter!

Mary Ann Steeb

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About Your Instructor:  
Kim McIntyre has taught thousands of people how to crack themselves up.  As a teacher and speaker she’s been helping adults to reignite their playful side since 2001.  Her specialty is giving simple & practical “how-to’s” to make it easy to laugh more.  She has experienced how it feels to live with too much stress and not enough laughter & joy.  Her mission is helping people to rediscover the healing power of a belly laugh — and a more joyful way to live in our stressful world.  Through her online school, The Joyful Being Academy, she teaches people how to truly enjoy their lives now and not wait for some perfect future.

Here’s what past participants had to say about my laughter programs:

“It was beyond great.”  Nitricia J.

“Out of this world!”  Edgar T.

“Wonderful!  I learned to laugh again!”   Marjorie W.

“Most informative because you receive the tools to make it happen.”  Mary H.

“I feel great.  I had a headache before I came in.  Then I lost it in the middle of laughing.”  Louis M.

“A LOTTA FUN!!”  Ron Z.

“Exhilarating.”  Christina B.

“Necessary and extremely valuable.”  Maggie F.

“Good.  I laughed!  And I usually don’t.”  Dan K.

“Very uplifting and great tension relief.”  Joy P.

“The Best.”  Jackie S.

“A very healthy, funny and usable gift!  You had excellent ideas.”  Erin M.

“Quite enjoyable, but also very thought-provoking!”  Ann H.

“A tremendous stress reliever.”  Wanda J.

“Helpful, healing, happy – everyone should try it.”  Rebecca M.

“Refreshing!”  Harold H.

“Motivating.”  Laura M.

“Brightened my day & promises to brighten future ones!”  Anita L.

“Sooo Sooo Sooo funny!!”  Anjanette M.

“Fun – Therapeutic – Insightful.”  Yvonne V.

“It was fun and relaxing – I loved every minute!”  Norma H.

“Great.  It is okay to Laugh Out Loud!”  Joan C.

“The Best thing I needed in order to continue to cope.”  Patricia C.

“A fun time with a great lesson in how to live life.”  Peg N.

“Excellent!”  Bonnie W.

“Very funny.  It really did uplift my mood.”  J.J.T.

“Very amusing & inspiring – especially fun.”  Marlene D.

“Great fun, so helpful.”  Nan M.

“Fun & Entertaining.  It was very insightful to know how something so simple could have great rewards.”  Theresa H.

“Very beneficial for all ages.”  Michele B.

” A great spirit – lifter.”  Joan D.

This program can be used over and over again to light up your life with laughter.

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