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Laughter On Demand

Want to go from crappy to happy in seconds?

No matter how grouchy or tired or freaked out you might be, a good hearty laugh makes you feel better…instantly! Think about a time in your life when you were laughing so hard you… read more

Joy Meditation

Are you ready to stop postponing joy?

Are you so focused on just getting through the day that feeling joyful isn’t even on your radar? Are you so worried about how to fix your problems that you’ve forgotten… read more

7 Minutes of Calm: Meditations to Shed Tension Fast

Too busy for stress relief? Want an easy way to feel better fast?

Maybe you know you should be doing something to lessen the negative effects of stress – but who has time? Maybe you’d love to have the freedom… read more

Super Deep Relaxation

Trouble unwinding at the end of a long day?

Ever felt wound up so tight that you just can’t seem to relax? You might even feel exhausted… but, the mind is on fast forward and the body is riddled with tension. Maybe… read more

How to Give a Joyful Being® Download as a Gift

Looking for a unique present for someone?

Giving a download is super easy! No shipping & handling, no waiting in line at a store, and it’s something they can enjoy over and over again.
Here’s how it works…. read more