Kim McIntyre The Laughter Lady
Lighthearted Yet Effective Strategies for Lowering Stress & Avoiding Burnout


Kim consistently receives rave reviews from both participants and organizers. Here’s what past participants had to say:

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Kim provides practical take-aways in an entertaining way with plenty of fun and laughter.  Your people will have a great time as they learn!

She offers a full menu of speeches and workshops that help your people to stress less and laugh more.

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Kim’s Speaking Topics

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  • Conferences
  • Interactive learning workshops
  • Weekly skills series
  • Quarterly meetings
  • A chuckle inducing kickoff for your special event

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About Kim:

Kim’s mission is to empower your people with easy-t0-use techniques for preventing energy depleting burnout & illness.

Kim brings a rare combination of talents and skills to her presentations.  She calls upon her background as a professional speaker to keep her audiences enthralled as they learn.  (In her 20s she wrote, produced, and performed a one woman show in New York City, where she played 26 different characters!). Kim also embodies a wealth of knowledge from many years of teaching yoga, meditation, and a wide range of stress management modalities.  Plus, she is a Certified Laughter Leader.  (Yes, there really is such a thing!)

As a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, Kim has taught thousands of people how to let go of stress by cracking themselves up (along with other fast-acting stress busters).  Her specialty is delivering simple how-to’s in a playful and entertaining way.

With decades of stage time and performance, what Kim is best known for is the fun and engaging way she teaches stress relief skills, so they are applied long after the presentation is over.

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