A Virtual Play-shop to celebrate world laughter day

Enjoy the pleasure of laughing together again with… 

A Virtual Play-shop to Celebrate World Laughter Day!

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The happy buzz you get from gathering together with a group of friends and laughing so hard your cheeks hurt.

The pandemic and social distancing have made it more difficult to enjoy a good laugh with other people.

And… during challenging times, laughter is more important than ever!

As we are (hopefully) seeing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, it’s a perfect time to gather together online and lift ourselves up with some much needed laughter.

That’s why I created this virtual play-shop.

Here’s where to join us…

During this play-shop you will:

  • Get a respite from the seriousness of these times
  • Enjoy the pleasure of laughing with a group of people again
  • Experience first hand the positive effects of laughter on your mind, body & spirit
  • Learn strategies for having more laughter in your life
  • Laugh REALLY hard

You will receive joyous boosts of laughing  — AND you’ll learn how to keep the laughter flowing every day.

The play-shop will be live on Zoom from 2-3:30 pm EDT on May 2nd.

You can also gather friends and family in front of your computer and enjoy the play-shop together. The more the merrier!

You can attend this fun filled celebration for only $19.95

Here’s where to say “Yes” to giving yourself the freedom to laugh more…

Praise for Kim’s laughter programs:

Photo of laughing woman“Brightened my day & promises to brighten future ones!”
— Anita Linn

“Wonderful!  I learned to laugh again!”
— Marjorie W.

“Sooo Sooo Sooo funny!!”
— Anjanette M.

“A tremendous stress reliever.”
— Wanda Jaye-Aro

— Christina B.

— Ron Z.

“It was beyond great.”
— Nitricia J.

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Photo of Kim McIntyre

Kim McIntyre Program Creator and Facilitator

About Your Teacher:

Kim shares practical ways to laugh more, stress less, and feel like happy dancing!  As a teacher and speaker she’s been helping adults to reignite their playful side since 2001.  Through her online school, The Joyful Being Academy, she teaches how to truly enjoy life now — and not wait for some perfect future.  She also shares inspiring and uplifting messages on the “Joyful Being with Kim” youtube channel.  Her programs are fun, enlightening, and filled with valuable tips for living a joy-full life.