Custom Joyful Momentum Blueprint

Achieving your goals can feel easier and more joyful!

Your state of being as you take action on your goals can positively or negatively impact your outcomes.   Being filled with tension, fear, and doubt can lead to struggle, indecision, and wanting to give up.  

It’s much more difficult to gain momentum when you’re tied in knots.

Imagine what it could feel like to have consistent progress towards your goals AND experience more joy in the journey.  

The Customized Joyful Momentum Blueprint can help!

It is a personalized audio recording which guides you to embody how you want to feel and be as you go after your goals.  As you are guided to enjoy a deep state of relaxation, your imagination receives a blueprint for an easier way to manifest your desires.  You get to experience forward momentum that is in tune with who you really are — first in your mind, and then in your life! 

Since your recording is about how to go for what you want in a way that feels good to you, you can listen to it over and over again and apply it’s guidance to a wide variety of goals.

Here’s how the customization works…

In order to honor your unique needs, after purchasing you will receive an email that asks you to fill out a detailed questionnaire.  Your answers to the questions will be used to customize your one-of-a-kind audio file.  

This Customized Blueprint recording is valued at $325

It’s value to your life:  priceless

You can receive it for only $325   $197

Are you ready to experience Joyful Momentum?

Here’s where to click to get started:

Here’s where to get started:

You will receive an email with your instructions after purchase.  If you don’t receive an email within 15-20 minutes, please check your spam folder.  If you still don’t see it, please email

If listening to an audio recording is not an option for you, please indicate that in the “special requests” section of your questionnaire. The recording can be done in another format that has closed captioning, but the request needs to be made in advance.

About your Joyful Momentum Guide:

Kim McIntyre helps people to reclaim joy and savor the sweetness of life — because life is too short to keep postponing joy!  After rediscovering joy & laughter during a health challenge, she has taught thousands of people how to laugh more, stress less, and feel like happy dancing!  Kim also has many years of experience as a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, stress relief strategist and big kid at heart! Her students have often commented on how soothing voice her voice is, and how it helps them to find their inner calm. She draws upon her wealth of knowledge to create unique programs that are fun, experiential, and truly transformational.  Kim has been featured on NBC’s New Day NW, NPR, The List, Good Day Orlando, Fox News, Central Florida News 13, iHeartRadio, and has been a popular guest on many podcasts.