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Maybe you know you should be doing something to lessen the negative effects of stress – but who has time? Maybe you’d love to have the freedom (and/or the funds) to get a massage, or sunbathe on a beach in Fiji.

Even if you are able to take a vacation, you still come back to the same tensions and worries that got you stressed in the first place.

There’s good news!

Relaxing, de-stressing, and rejuvenating doesn’t have to take up tons of time or cost you a fortune.

Relief can be cheap & easy!

Sound good? Consider this…

If a doctor could give you a pill that would:

relieve tension,
improve concentration
reduce the harmful effects of stress
open your awareness to the beauty of being alive
(and much much more)…

And it had no side effects…

Truly, no side effects…

Would you take that pill?

If your answer is “Yes”, then the benefits mentioned above must sound appealing to you.

What is this magic pill?

Meditation… the cheapest, most amazingly simple way to find serene calm amidst the hectic craziness of modern life.

Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace
and balance that benefits both your emotional
well-being and your overall health.

Mayo Clinic Staff

It can be easier & quicker than you might think!

Meditation can be something you look forward to – because it makes you feel so good – and while it does take more time than swallowing a pill, in as little as 7 minutes you can feel tension melt away.

All you have to do is press play and listen…
and you are transported to an oasis of soothing comfort and relaxing serenity.

More and more people are turning to meditation for everything from lowering their blood pressure, to discovering their true, authentic self.

Maybe you’ve heard about it, or had an interest, but something has been getting in your way.

Let’s take a look at what that might be…

Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

I don’t have time to meditate.

I don’t know how to get started.

Meditation feels like a giant “should”.

I tried meditating before and I wasn’t very good at it.

It looks too “woo woo” for me.

I’ve created three short (and inexpensive) guided meditations that take care of ALL the concerns listed above. Here’s how:

Problem #1: I don’t have time to meditate.

Can you find just 7 minutes?

You might consider:
Finding a quiet spot during your lunch break
Setting your alarm clock to go off a few minutes earlier
Making use of tiny pockets of time in your day that might otherwise be wasted

Small amounts of time spent in meditation can make a big difference!

Here’s what people who experienced these short guided meditations had to say:

I really appreciated the degree of peace, compassion and centering I felt in only a few minutes (which felt longer than it was!).”   ~ Sharon W.

The brevity of this session makes it useful when time is short. Since I have it on my phone, I have used it to relax and use time wisely when I’m parked in my car and waiting for someone.”   ~ Ty Arnold

Problem #2: I don’t know how to get started.

There are many meditation styles out there, and not every type of meditation suits every person. At the beginning, you might need to experiment a little to find what works best for you.

These short meditations are a great way to experiment. Each one represents a different (and popular) style of meditation. Together, they can give you a better idea about what type of meditation(s) you most enjoy.

Also, when I first began meditating, I found being guided by a recording much easier than trying to do it on my own. A great many people feel this way.

Here’s what one new meditator had to say about these meditation downloads:

“As a meditation newbie, I like the soothing voice & guided approach to focus (vs. just meditating via breathing). Helps me focus on alleviating stress.” ~ Marla K.

Problem #3: Meditation feels like a giant “should”.

There are many things in life that you “should” do. However, should-ing on yourself is rarely motivating. To truly commit to something you need more than a “should” going for you.

Shifting from “I should” to “I could”, or even to “I want to” – can be as simple as making something enjoyable & pleasurable.

These relaxing meditations are pleasurable treats that you will want to listen to again and again.

Here’s how people feel after listening to them:

  • “Relaxed and full of love”  ~ Elena W.
  • “Extremely at peace.”  ~ Susan F.
  • “Very calm & relaxed.”  ~ Leslie S.

Problem #4: I tried meditating before and I wasn’t very good at it.

If you can breathe, you can meditate. It’s that simple. Sometimes expectations can get in the way. For example, often people think that they should be able to quiet their mind, and if they can’t, then they think that they’ve failed. Not True!

People who’ve been meditating for decades still notice their thoughts bouncing all over the place during meditation.

With practice you can learn to be relaxed and comfortable with that — which in turn teaches you how to be more calm in the middle of chaotic situations. If you give up too soon, you never get to feel the yummy good stuff!

Guided meditations make it easier to relax even if your mind is very busy:

“It was so easy to relax immediately! Allowed me to understand that you can relax even while thoughts are coming and going.”  ~ Mary Ann Steeb

Problem #5: It looks too “woo woo” for me.

Meditation can be as basic as closing your eyes and relaxing. You don’t have to bend like a pretzel, or learn to speak sanskrit, or howl at the moon.

Yes, there are some meditation techniques that might look a bit strange. However, with so many types of meditation to choose from there’s something for everybody.

These Meditations are Dogma free!
No special clothing, rituals, or beliefs required.

And, you’re free to press “stop” at any time.

If you’ve avoided meditation in the past because it looked hard or unfamiliar to you, then these meditations are a great place to start.

Plus, having a peaceful voice guide you through the process can put you at ease — and I’ve been told a great many times that my voice has a calming effect:

  • “I immediately felt relaxed by the soothing voice — for all the meditations.” ~ Michelle R.
  • “I love your calming voice. It brings me peace and relaxation right away.” ~ Leah R.
  • “Peaceful and Calming. You have a very calming voice.” ~ Wendy Tong

More feedback to consider:

“I think they are great for beginners and for people that feel uneasy about the meditative process in general. The timing is perfect…short, but still feel the positive effects!” ~ Jessica Magers

Meditating really can be easy & enjoyable!

These recordings might not be for you if you prefer longer guided meditations. They are meant to be quick relief respites. While some people enjoy listening to all three back to back — if you prefer a longer relaxation experience, I recommend the Joy Meditation or the Super Deep Relaxation program instead.

They are also NOT for you if you want something to listen to while driving. That could be very dangerous.

Each meditation has it’s own unique flavor, and each one is around 7 minutes long (give or take a few seconds).

Here’s more information about all three:

Peace and Relaxation Meditation

This meditation is great for relieving tension and improving concentration. As the mind wanders (which the mind tends to do), you are guided to gently bring your attention back to the breath and to the words “Peace” & “Relax”. Choosing to connect to these words becomes a powerful affirmation of welcoming more Peace and Relaxation into your life.

Background Music: “Letting Go” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. A serene choir creates an atmosphere that is a restful and calming support for easy relaxation.

Meditation type: Relaxed Mental Focus
(This type of meditation goes by many names.)

Loving Heart Meditation

A feel good experience of heart connection and unconditional LOVE. Includes pleasurable visualizations which nurture self-acceptance, positivity, and compassion. A truly soothing and relaxing treat.

Background Music: “Quietude” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. A sweet floating melody of delicate flute & light-hearted electric piano that is warm and comforting.

Meditation type: Guided Visualization

Awareness Meditation

This meditation cultivates an experience of being fully present in the here and now. It guides you to a deeper awareness of your breath, your body, your thoughts — and invites an experience of the calm Presence, the true you, that observes it all.

Background Music: “Om Mantra” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. A deep rich vocal sound that is both grounding and expansive. This sound vibration has been used for deep meditation throughout the ages.

Meditation type: Mindfulness Meditation


When listening to guided meditation, some people find that gentle background music enhances relaxation. Other people could find it distracting — especially if they don’t like the song choice. They may find it easier to focus on a voice-only recording. Since you might not know what your preference is until you spend some time with your recording, here at you get both versions for the price of one!

You will be able to download both a voice-only version and a version with soothing background music — All for the price of a single recording.

My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m confident that you’ll find this recording fun, helpful and easy to use — so I’m offering a “No‑Questions‑Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Try this meditation out for 60 days, and if for any reason, you find it isn’t for you, I’ll refund your purchase in full.

You can purchase each meditation individually for only $2.99.

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Here’s what more people had to say about these meditation downloads:

Peace and Relaxation Meditation:

“It was very soothing at a stressful time. It made me feel relaxed and peaceful. The first day I used it I had trouble getting to sleep that night and I started breathing in “PEACE” and exhaling. It worked!! Thank you.” ~ Mary Ann Steeb

“The meditation allowed me to feel calm and relaxed. Good quick meditation for relaxation.” ~ Damanjit Kaur

“The impact of the recording was serene and tranquil. It relieved tension and I felt relaxed. I will use it to relieve tension and bring peace to my mind.” ~ Mary Jane Kulik

Loving Heart Meditation:

  • “I felt relaxed with a sense of inner peace, a calmness. I have used this to remind myself that it is not necessary to worry about little things. I especially loved the focus on the heart.” ~ Cindy M.
  • “A new awareness of my heart was unexpected — I thought I already had an appreciation for my heart, but this meditation gave me a new way of experiencing love and self-love. I loved it!” ~ Diana D.
  • “It caused me to stop and pause my life & recognize the love I have experienced, and by recognizing it, there was a “present” part of me that opened to experiencing life right now (in an open welcoming way). I will use it again at times when I may have forgotten that there is love around me all the time, i.e. if feeling sad, depressed, etc.” ~ Elizabeth A.

Awareness Meditation:

“Creates a good sensation with brightness in my head and good feeling in my heart. I really like this!” ~ Wendy Tong

“The recording was calming, as it brought awareness to my breath & a detachment from my thoughts. I like the reminder that I am the observer, not the sum of all the random thoughts in my head.” ~ Diane H.”

I had a real sense of being in the NOW!” ~ Diana D.

More praise:

  • “I play these meditations in the morning when I rise — Helps me start the day without stress.” ~ Karen Viera
  • “I loved them, well done Kim! I’m actually passing them on to my Mother, for she is interested in learning about meditation. I think the use of these is a great way for her to start!” ~ Jessica Magers

You can also purchase a digital transcript of this program for $2.99. Buy Transcript