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A Guided Meditation

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Ever felt wound so tight that you just can’t seem to relax?

You might feel exhausted… but, your mind is on fast forward and your body is riddled with tension. Maybe you even tried the usual ways to let go and rest, but nothing works.

Imagine this…

You press play on your favorite listening device, and a soothing voice gives your mind and body the gentle guidance needed to truly relax and unwind. Before you know it, a deep comforting tranquility fills you up from head to toe.

“Ahhhhh…. sweet relaxing relief at last!”

You might ask, “Can it really be that easy?”

Yes! Most definitely yes!

A guided relaxation can make all the difference.

I speak from many years of experience teaching deep relaxation to individuals and to groups. It really works and it feels wonderful.

Here’s why deep relaxation is so important…

“Many studies have shown that mind/body interventions like the relaxation response can reduce stress and enhance wellness in healthy individuals and counteract the adverse clinical effects of stress in conditions like hypertension, anxiety, diabetes and aging.”

Herbert Benson, M.D.
Harvard Medical School

I’ve created a guided recording that can give you the relaxation response Dr. Benson recommends — a peaceful feeling of enjoyable rest and restoration.

You can listen to it any time you want to relax. It’s especially great for the end of the day when you’re ready to fall asleep.

This recording can help you:

  • Release accumulated tightness & tension
  • Balance hectic busyness with blissful rejuvenation
  • Let go of worry
  • Experience a mini-vacation
  • Drift off to a restful sleep

Here’s what people who’ve listened to it had to say:

  • “Loved it and plan on using it again.
    I have trouble sleeping, so one morning I woke up about 3:30am and could not go back to sleep (monkey mind). I went out to the sofa and put this meditation on. The next thing I knew was my husband waking me up to get ready for work. WOW! I felt like I had one of the best night’s sleep I had in a long time. ” ~ Diana D.
  • “BETTER THAN WARM MILK. Of course, your voice sounds like milk & honey!
    I was able to disengage my busy mind and LET GO of a lot of tension immediately that I was holding. I was on the verge of falling asleep. This is perfect before bedtime. My husband was on the porch reading while I played this in the living room and in a short time he was asleep and snoring away. So it worked for both of us.” ~ Mary Ann Steeb
  • “It relaxed me into sleep.
    I dozed off during the session. It was a great way to ease into sleep.” ~ Ty Arnold

Read more about it:

Super Deep Relaxation
This soothing 24 minute recording guides you step by step through a deep relaxation sequence. It gently helps you to release tension and experience a truly enjoyable rest. It’s an excellent way to unwind at bedtime, so you can drift off to a sound sleep.


When listening to guided meditation, some people find that gentle background music enhances relaxation. Other people could find it distracting — especially if they don’t like the song choice. They may find it easier to focus on a voice-only recording. Since you might not know what your preference is until you spend some time with your recording, here at you get both versions for the price of one!

You will be able to download both a voice-only version and a version with soothing background music — All for the price of a single recording.

The background music is called “Wandering in the Warmth” by Christopher Lloyd Clarke. It features an instrumental blend of deep rich, soothing tones that slowly blur from one to the next, gently massaging the mind and soothing one’s nerves.

My 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m confident that you’ll find this recording fun, helpful and easy to use — so I’m offering a “No‑Questions‑Asked” 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Try this meditation out for 60 days, and if for any reason, you find it isn’t for you, I’ll refund your purchase in full.

For less than what you’d probably pay to have a pizza delivered, you can have a deeply restful experience delivered to your computer in just minutes — and unlike the pizza, you can enjoy this peaceful respite over and over again.

This truly restful and restorative download can be yours for only $12.95.

It’s easy to order, simply click on the button below.

After completing the secure check out process, you’ll receive instructions to easily download your recordings and you’ll be relaxing in no time!

More testimonials for Kim’s Super Deep Relaxation recording:

Made me very relaxed. Almost fell asleep. Noticed areas of tension I wasn’t aware of, and able to relax them. Very soothing.” ~ Janice A.

“Gave me a very peaceful feeling, released a lot of tension in my back and neck. Liked focusing on each body part. Helped to relax me. Liked it ending with positive thoughts.” ~ Michele Niemi

“Deeply, deeply relaxing and restorative. While I can easily fall into the space on my own, this brought a deep relaxation, wonderful preparation for bed or to relax and restore. I will use this again and again.” ~ Damangit Kaur

“It helped me to relax and unwind. This is good for relieving tension or becoming aware of tension being held in the body that you may not be aware of.” ~ Diane H.

This program is a super easy way to let all your tension melt away.

You can also purchase a digital transcript of this program for $2.99. Buy Transcript